PAX Prime: Nintendo Console Tournaments (Sunday)

Day three is upon us, and the tournament excitement continues! For some of these, you may be able to watch if you don’t get a chance to play, but make sure you ask about spectators first as there are often many people in the room… and it can get crowded in those early stages!

As before, sign up early and be sure to arrive at a few minutes before your tournament, unless the Enforcers tell you otherwise.

Plan to play in these for 4 hours at most, though the majority of tournaments should take much less time.

  • 12pm – Nintendo Land: Samus Ground Combat
  • 2pm – Chasing Aurora
  • 7pm – Tetris Attack

Note that the console schedule also includes FIFA 13 and Injustice: Gods Among Us which were both released for the Wii U, but we don’t yet know which system the tournament will play the games on. Ask at the sign-up station to be sure you know what you’re getting into!


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