PAX Prime: Nintendo Handheld Tournaments (Sunday)

On day three, expect the convention center to be very full, but perhaps not as much as yesterday. There are still many tournaments to take advantage of, and if you decided to see everything you wanted the first few days and are feeling your body slow down a bit… why not sign up for one of these and try something different?

Head to the handheld area (North Galleria on Level 2), and an Enforcer will be able to direct you to the appropriate sign-up sheet. Reminder that you can only sign up for tournaments on the morning it’s being held, so get there as early as you can as these do fill up quickly.

Sunday Tournaments

  • Game: Mario Tennis Open
    • When: 12-2pm
    • Play Style: Single


  • Game: Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed
    • When: 3-5pm
    • Play Style: Grand Prix


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