PAX Prime 2013: Nintendo’s Videos Put You in the Action

Labor Day weekend was a busy one for Nintendo—and a lot of other gamers—but sadly, not everyone who wanted to attend the event was able to do so.

To help those gamers who wanted to be a part of the weekend of big reveals and hands-on game trials but weren’t able to, Nintendo has put together a series of videos that brings the event into your living room!

Nintendo definitely invaded PAX this year, appearing both inside and outside the Expo Hall, along with some major props and a dedicated panel. The few videos that Nintendo of America has put together below show off some of the fun of StreetPass-ing with tens of thousands of other gamers, plus some of the incredulous reactions to The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD.

If anything, PAX Prime certainly showcased Nintendo’s staying power—here’s hoping the return on their investment this year was worth the time and money they gave. Take a look at the videos and judge for yourself!


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