Hometown Story Set for November Release in North America

After months of waiting, Natsume has officially announced a North American release date for the 3DS life sim game Hometown Story—we’ll see it on store shelves on October 22nd.

Harvest Moon fans—or those familiar with Harvest Moon—may know that Hometown Story comes from that game’s creator, which means the hype and expectations for this title are growing each week.

According to interviews with Yasuhiro Wada, the game experience will be similar to Harvest Moon, but the characters you interact with will have a deeper development in terms of their story and therefore your interactions with them.

The game’s premise involves you running a shop in the game, which expands as you play, interact, and “live.”

We’ll also be seeing Hometown Story on iOS, but with a greater focus on in-game purchases (of course). That particular version really only deals with running your shop, which means that if you want the full game experience, you’ll need to play it on your 3DS.


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