NYCC 2013: It Should Be “Fun To Get Stuck” in A Link Between Worlds

Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma held a jam-packed presentation at New York Comic Con, where excited Legend of Zelda fans were treated to a new trailer for the upcoming title A Link Between Worlds, as well as some additional information on the game. After the panel, he chatted with news site Polygon about the upcoming title for the 3DS.

Aonuma revealed that the development has ended for the game, which suggests that the game will release as scheduled on November 22nd.

After discussing the new Zelda game’s focus on flexible exploration and dungeon diving, Aonuma mentioned that—unlike many other games coming out these days—there won’t be excessive hand-holding in this gaming experience. He worked hard to remove that aspect, so that players could be challenged while still having fun:

“We wanted to make it a game where it would be fun to get stuck and be lost…

I think that one thing all game developers worry about when they’re putting something into a game is, ‘Will people notice it? Will people realize what they’re supposed to do?’ And we kind of have a bad habit of hand-holding, trying to make things easier for everyone. But more and more, I start to think that that kind of isn’t actually that fun.

There’s actually one area in the game where I fought for three days with my director over whether we should have a hint in there or not. As a result, after the end of that we actually decided to take it out.

So if that part of the game is too difficult, it’s my fault. But it’s fine — it’ll be fine!”

This may be exciting news for some players, who have recently complained about the amount of “telling you what to do while you’re already doing it” in games these days, and it may cause others to feel a bit of trepidation toward the game. Either way, it will be interesting to see how the game shapes up this November.


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