Go On… Just Try to Resist These Adorable Animal Crossing Plushies

Animal Crossing: New Leaf may have been released a little while ago, but that hasn’t stopped fans of the game from continuing to log many, many house as they build their perfect houses and towns on their 3DS. The game’s addictiveness has created many new fans of the series, which means what? Monetizing it somehow, of course!

And the easiest way to do that is to give fans game-related merch that they’ll clamour for until they have it. If you’re one of these fans, we think you might want to head over to www.jbox.com, an online shop that exports Japanese products around the world.

Clicky on the link above, and you’ll be taken to a page full of Animal Crossing stamp sets, bath toys, and yes… plushies. We’ve included a few images in this post, but you’ll want to click through to see them all!

So much for groceries this week, eh?


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Dave will tell you that he likes to play video games, this is in fact a lie. What he really likes to do is buy games, and leaving them sitting unopened on his shelf. He is a monster.

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