Miiverse Heads to the 3DS in December

It was exciting to hear that eShop credit is going to be combined across the 3DS and Wii U systems, as announced in yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, but even more exciting was the news that many have been waiting for ever since the Wii U’s launch… the Miiverse is finally heading to the 3DS!

While there’s a web-based version of Miiverse and planned smartphone apps, it’s really the 3DS that makes the most sense as an extended part of this service.

According to Nintendo, the system update is coming in December, and will let users register their Nintendo Network ID for Wii U on the 3DS system (and combine account balances).

“This system update will also mark the beginning of Miiverse support on Nintendo 3DS. With a Nintendo Network ID, users will be able to connect with other players around the world to share their experiences and game tips through Miiverse on Nintendo 3DS.”

It’s coming very soon—are you looking forward to posting on the Miiverse from your 3DS?


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