New Professor Layton Release Date for North America

Even though Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy arrived in Europe recently, bringing the series to a close, North American fans had nothing but a vague ‘2014’ window in which to cross their fingers and hope that the game would find its way to them.

Thankfully, it’s been confirmed that the 3DS title will arrive in North America on February 28th, 2014.

This game will be the sixth and final entry in the series in this particular form, and the last in the prequel trilogy. Level-5 will of course continue the Layton brand in other ways, and they’ve already announced Layton 7—as mysterious and different as it seems right now.

Reports are coming in from Europe that this final instalment in the franchise is a fitting end for the series as it stands, combining the best of the Layton games with new material that’s sure to delight those who’ve enjoyed the game from the start.

If you’re looking for the game next February, it will be released under the same title as in Europe (no cross-region confusion this time around!), so go ahead and mark it on your calendars now!


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