Teasers and New Details for A Link Between Worlds

Legend of Zelda fans are quivering in their boots with excitement, now that the release for The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is literally right around the corner. In the Nintendo Direct broadcasts this week, Nintendo revealed a few new details about the game—including one particular detail that may excite or disappoint Majora’s Mask fans.

New characters like Gramps, a kind old man who’s main concern is StreetPass data, was introduced—he takes StreetPass hits and turns them into battles against Dark Link. If you win, Rupees galore! We also met Seres, a woman who ends up trapped inside a painting, and Irene, a quick travel character who’s activated by a bell on the touch screen.

The link to Majora’s Mask comes in the form of a side-quest, Milk Bar, where you’ll need to deliver milk to an important character. If there’s another connection, we don’t know of it yet, but at least it’s something?

Take a gander at the latest trailer below!


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