Norwegian Cruise Line’s Nintendo Partnership

What’s the worst part of going on a cruise? Leaving your consoles at home, of course!

The good news is, in part of an ongoing partnership with Norwegian Cruise Lines, all ship atriums and youth/teen centers on the fleet of the US cruise ship operator will feature brand new Wii U consoles and games.

The fleet will also be using the Wii U for various competitions and events on board—but lest you think this is a new partnership, the cruise line actually first partnered with Nintendo back in 2007 on release o the Wii.

The upgrade to Wii U is said to complement Norwegian’s Freestyle Cruising, by offering gaming opportunities to all ages of guests.

And as exciting as this is, the bigger hope is likely that these guests enjoy themselves so much on board that they’ll rush out to buy a system when they get back on land. Fingers crossed!


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