Awesome Games Done Quick Raises a Million Plus

From January 5-11th, a week-long event ran called Awesome Games Done Quick 2014 —it featured live streaming events of speed-runs through games and various challenges, for the goal of raising money for the charity Prevent Cancer Foundation.

The games have now ended, and while some donations may continue to trickle in after the end of the event, it raised an incredible $1,007,041USD. Which, when compared against 2013’s total of $448,000, is even more incredible!

Over the course of the week, there were 27,168 donations made from 17,899 unique donors (and almost 200 prizes to give away, which likely accounts for the double-donations).

Participants made a total of 154 runs, such as a Super Metroid race with four runners (which raised over $67,000 dollars on its own!).

Undoubtedly, video footage from the event will be posted to their YouTube page in the near future, so head over there and subscribe, if you want to see some of the fun from this event.


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