Cut the Rope: Triple Treat Coming to 3DS

First, we had the originally free game Angry Birds head to the 3DS—packaged and sold like new, really—and now, we’re seeing another old game being repackaged and sold for a Nintendo console. Cut the Rope: Triple Treat is a compilation of the original game and its two expansions, Time Travel and Experiments.

All three of these will be packaged as one, providing plenty of content—but not Cut the Rope 2, as that’s something else entirely. The announcement press release doesn’t use the word eShop, so it’s probably safe to assume that this will indeed be a retail release. It’s somewhat strange, as Cut the Rope is already available in the eShop and as DSiWare, for $4.99.

I suppose if you’re looking for the original game and expansions, for the sake of online leaderboards, this may interest you. To be honest? We’re not really sure what the point is.


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