3DS Hardware Sales in Japan Over 15 Million

The 3DS has been Nintendo’s sales baby for quite some time now, despite the slow start for the system and the increasing challenges of a crowded, mobile-dominated marketplace. Of course, Nintendo had hoped for even better than what they’ve seen, but in a world where mobile gaming is the trend, it’s remarkable that Nintendo’s handheld has continued to set sales landmarks.

For example, in 2013, the Nintendo 3DS ended the year as the highest selling piece of gaming hardware in both the United States and United Kingdom. Certainly it has taken that title in Japan as well, but it’s gone above and beyond at this point. As of January 26th, the 3DS has passed 15 million units sold in Japan.

The sales figure includes both the standard and the XL/LL models, but not the 2DS (as it hasn’t been released in Japan yet). It’s good news for the company, and it’ll be interesting to see how sales shape up in this new year.


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