Monster Hunter Frontier G Coming to North America?

Presently, Japan is enjoying Monster Hunter Frontier G on the Wii U, as well as on other platforms, despite the game not having quite the same amount of success as other titles bearing the Monster Hunter name. It’s not part of the main series, so it appeals to a different segment—the MMORPG crowd, to be exact—and it does require a monthly fee.

But considering the significance of the multiplayer in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, it’s not hard to imagine why fans of the series outside of Japan have been disappointed to miss out on this title. But, an internal interview with Capcom suggests there may not be too much longer of a wait.

Siliconera translated an interview with Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono, who had this to say:

“The letter ‘G’ in the title implies it’s compatible with a wide range of platforms, including PlayStation 3, Wii U, Xbox 360, and PC. We’re also planning to extend this support to PlayStation Vita.

The reason why we have increased our support for so many hardware platforms is because we have our sights set on distributing services for this game in the future outside Japan. We simply can’t release a game as it is, but need to adapt all the necessary services to the unique characteristics of each region. In preparation for that, we’ve broadened our scope and started launching individual titles across multiple hardware platforms.”

If you recall, way back in 2007, Monster Hunter Frontier Online was released on the PC, and this “G” game is an expansion of that title. We also saw it show up on the Xbox in 2010. Since then, the game has received repeated, frequent upgrades… and while it may not be the most visually stunning MMORPG you’ve ever seen, that’s not always the point of these games.

We’ll keep you updated as news comes down to either confirm or quash the possibility of this subscription-based title in North America.


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