Level-5 Asks, Do You Want Yo-kai Watch in English?

It wasn’t long ago that Level-5 filed an American trademark for the 3DS title Yo-kai Watch, prompting fans of Japanese RPGs to speculate that the game would be heading to North American shores in the near future. Presently, it appears that the company is trying to decide for certain if they should make this happen, having posted a message on their Facebook page to ask fans what they think:

“Between the strong sales of the game and the popularity of the new anime, Yo-kai Watch is a verified success in Japan!

Would Yo-kai Watch be something you’d be interested in watching or playing in English?”

The game’s success in Japan has been fairly good, probably because it’s based off similar ideas as those found in other popular franchises (ie. Dragon Quest, etc.). Since its release last July, the title has sold well, and since its anime series began in January, the game has climbed back onto the top 20 software titles and surpassing 400,000 unit sales to date.

It doesn’t seem unlikely that Level-5 would be interested in bringing this game to other regions, considering the charming cast of characters, good reception, and an anime series to help build interest.

Keep your ear to the ground—we suspect an official announcement won’t be long in coming.

Here’s the Japanese trailer to pique your interest:


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