Parking Star 3D… When Road Rage Isn’t Enough

Is there anything more exciting on one’s daily commute or errand-running than parking? Parking meters and vague signs, tight corners in parking garages, cars that have parked so close to you that you have to climb out the passenger side door… it’s an adventure every day!

And naturally, where there’s adventure, there’s an opportunity to make a game about it. CIRCLE Entertainment, a China-based developer and publisher for the eShop, Tweeted about the game on its Twitter page. There are still many details to be revealed, but this game will provide 40 levels of parking madness!

Yes. We are totally serious. Parking Star 3D is a 3DS eShop game that simulates parking a car.

Players get to park while avoiding pedestrians, and try to park quickly, and try to avoid other cars, and steer around obstacles… and you thought Valet Parking 1989 was exciting. This is going to be off the hizz-ook. 40 levels! What more could you ask for?

We’ll definitely keep you updated as more details are revealed.


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