Wii Fit U Update Slims It All Down

If you’re a regular Wii Fit U user, you may have noticed an update when loading up the game for your workout yesterday. The update to Ver. 1.2.0 made a few adjustments to tune up the Wii Fit U experience and streamline how everything works.

You can access the details of the update from Nintendo of America’s support page, but we’ll post them here (because it’s Friday and you don’t want to do any more clicking than you have to):

“The update details provided are courtesy of Nintendo of America’s support page:

Ver. 1.2.0 [Released 3/13/14]

  • Users that have a Fit Meter registered can now access their own data immediately after starting Wii Fit U from the Fit Meter transfer screen.
  • Users can now post their Fit Meter activity screen to Miiverse after starting Miiverse from the Home Menu.
  • At the Piggy Bank screen, after transitioning from the Fit Meter, users can now display the consumed calorie value that was just transferred.
  • An error was resolved that could cause miscalculation of “Fit Meter Challenge” data if it was transferred from the Fit Meter at the exact time the date changes.

Last year, the update for Wii Fit U fixed a serious bug that disabled advancement after data transfer from Wii Fit & Wii Fit Plus, among other things. Hopefully this update makes the whole experience a little more streamlined, and encourages more daily use of the game.


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