How Our Heroes Have Fallen… Guitar Heroes, That Is

Remember those days, not so long ago, when Guitar Hero was the mainstay of every video game gathering? When non-gamers and gamers alike could come together and tap away on plastic instruments, making their version of “music” in a joyous attempt at harmony? Ah, but like many gaming devices, it was only a matter of time before players had mangled “Sweet Child of Mine” one too many times…

Now, the instruments lie silent. Abandoned. Alone. Dusty. Possibly in a box, or worse, on the shelves of a thrift store.

And like the end of every musical era, it really does come time to say goodbye. Today, an announcement on the Guitar Hero Facebook page announced that the downloadable song content for Guitar Hero, Band Hero, and even DJ Hero games will cease being available as of March 31st. All consoles. All systems. All our hearts.

But, even as we say goodbye, the servers will keep running, and whatever content you purchased will still be playable after the deadline passes. If this announcement makes you nostalgic for missed notes and “booing” crowds, there is good news—certain songs will be 50% off for the next two weeks (for Wii, PS3, Xbox360).

Go forth, musical geniuses (and I use the term loosely… unless you are one, in which case, I totally mean it). Download, play, and live through your moments of nostalgia.

We don’t, however, recommend smashing your plastic guitar as a final farewell on your living room “stage.”


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