eShop Japanese Visual Novel Series Localization?

When was the last time you found yourself enjoying a visual novel? Have you ever tried one? Your opportunity will soon be at hand, as CIRCLE Entertainment hopes to bring all the romance and humor of the 13-part visual novel series Harvest December to English-speaking shores.

This Japanese visual novel has been available exclusively in the 3DS eShop for only 100¥ (that’s about $1 USD), but since we don’t yet have a formal announcement for the game over here, we don’t know yet if the pricing and availability style will be the same over here.

Visual novels have found a fan base here in the past, with titles like Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward being well received by Western audiences. The Harvest December storyline features a Tokyo-based main character who ends up in a small, snowy town in the midst of a love triangle with a goddess.

Sound good? Keep your eyes open for more information on this one! A recent Tweet from CIRCLE Entertainment suggests localization is happening either soon or right now, so we should have more information in the near future.


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