Activision Wants to Make Skylanders Movie

Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg has said in a recent interview with the Examiner that he isn’t opposed to the concept of a feature film based on the ridiculously popular Skylanders series of games. It wouldn’t be an unusual project to jump on, especially considering the recent success of The Lego Movie, and the just-announced Minecraft film.

We here at Nintendo Fire have been saying for awhile that Activision should make a television show (ala Viva Pinata), and considering that the Skylander franchise and recent phenomenon of RFID figurines is only growing, making a film could be a great forward step for the company.

Of course, making the transition from game to film is sometimes tricky, which Hirshberg recognizes:

“For video game companies, I think there’s been pretty mixed results when it comes to making video games into movies. It’s obviously something we talk about, and I think Skylanders really could benefit from. You have to do it just right and very carefully so it expands the brand and builds our core business, which is making games. We want to make sure that if we were ever to do that, we would do it in a way that enhances that core experience.”

It all comes down to “expanding the brand” and what that means for the company and the future of the Skylanders brand. But with another game on the way this October—Skylanders: Trap Team—this seems like as good a time as any.


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