Next Wii U System Update Coming Soon

Wii U system updates… ah, yes. Those exciting mornings when we all eagerly leap out of bed, eager to fire up the GamePad and… wait, what’s that? You’re not excited about system updates?!

Well, golly. Don’t you remember what the Wii U was like before all those major system updates got handed down to us? Yes, I thought so. Now you understand.

So here’s the big news—Nintendo isn’t done working on improvements to the Wii U, which means we may have even more excitement in our future than a faster Quick Start menu and less waiting time to get into games (which was, admittedly, a very good thing).

In an interview with Time magazine, Shigeru Miyamoto mentioned that he’s already working on a huge update for the system:

“We’re definitely working on additional system updates. But the challenge is that any time you do an update that big, it requires quite a bit of testing. We can’t do those very frequently, but I can say that we’re already working on the next system update.”

Go ahead, start the speculation on what that update might be. We know plenty of you out there are cheering for unified accounts, but there are many other options that might be included as well. We’ll have to wait and see, but it’s fun to guess!


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