Name That Price, Get That (Shovel Knight) Tune

It’s no secret… the music from the Shovel Knight release trailer was amazing, and the tunes from the full game (which we’ve been playing today) are fantastic. It’s the kind of chiptune music that brings you back to the early days of gaming, when the well-written music was hard-hitting, catchy, and just plain fun to listen to.

Naturally, it made us wonder whether we’d be able to hear Shovel Knight music outside of the game, in this age of music-delivering technology. And we can! Composer Jake Kaufman, also known as virt, has made two albums of Shovel Knight music available through his Bandcamp page on a “name your price” arrangement.

Both Strike the Earth! Shovel Knight Arranged and Shovel Knight Original Soundtrack are up for grabs, and the page for the OST has a link to a downloadable free version of the soundtrack to play on NES/Famicom software.

And if the music sounds delightfully authentic of the Mega Man era to you the way it does to us, there’s a reason for that—Kaufman composed the soundtrack alongside Manami Matsumae, who is perhaps best known for her work on the Mega Man soundtrack! Here’s what Kaufman had to say about the honor he received of Matsumae arranging one of his own tracks:

“One of the high points in my life is knowing that Manami Matsumae, one of my biggest inspirations and the composer of the ORIGINAL Mega Man soundtrack, actually arranged a song I wrote for a game. This is completely surreal, and hard to fathom.”

And if you’re feeling creative? You can mess around with Kaufman’s tracks too! Anything goes, evidently:

“Make your own arrangements! Make music videos! Write lyrics! Do crazy stuff! Be brilliant! Be stupid! Share your creativity and love of game music with the world. It’s why I make the source files available, and why this album is free.”

Get out there, play a great game, and get creative with the music. Talk about building community!


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