Miiverse Updates Get Personal with Favorite Game Genres

If you’ve ever been bumbling around the Miiverse and had a burning urge to share with the world that you love RPGS, or that you’re a puzzle gamer through and through… well, today’s your happy day! Nintendo has announced that it has made several simple little tweaks to its social network, which are both small and yet beneficial for users of the service.

Here’s the announcement from Nintendo:

“1) In all versions of Miiverse, you can now write posts and comments on multiple lines.
Previously when writing a post/comment, pressing Enter would have no effect on the final post – all new line characters would be changed into spaces. However, these new lines will now be taken into account when posting, so you can post on multiple lines – just like in this post.



-When viewing a list of posts, you will not see any new lines. They will only be visible when you select the post.

-You will get an error if your post/comment includes too many new lines. If you get an error, please rewrite your post/comment, reducing the amount of new lines.

2) On the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS versions of Miiverse, you can now show up to three of your favourite game genres in your profile. Go to User Page => Profile Settings to set these genres.

This feature is not visible in the web version.

Up to three favorite game genres! And you can now post messages on multiple lines, making text easier to read! Look, it may not sound all that thrilling, until you consider that this is continued evidence that Nintendo cares about its social networking service and is constantly looking for ways to improve it for users.

And ultimately, that’s a good thing. And so is white space. We get it too, Nintendo.


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