Deliver Pizza and Life Lessons as a Ninja

A Kickstarter campaign has just opened for an interesting new platformer title that may come to the Wii U eShop if its funding goals are met—Ninja Pizza Girl from Disparity Games is a Sonic-slash-Mirror’s Edge style game that features a 16-year-old protagonist who delivers pizza while ninja-ing her way through a dystopian setting. The major difference between Ninja Pizza Girl and other games of this style is in how the enemies behave toward the protagonist. Instead of trying to hurt her through physical means, Gemma is humiliated by her enemies who taunt and bully her when she fails to deliver her piping-hot pizza on time. As you play through, Gemma’s world drains of color and the dark shadows grow long when she loses confidence—sort of like how the world looks bleaker and bleaker to real-world teenagers who experience failure and bullying. It’s an interesting concept and approach to gaming, and Disparity Games ambitiously wants Ninja Pizza Girl to be a game that appeals to both core and casual gamers while also tackling real-world issues. Stretch goals include ensuring the game will work with peripherals for gamers with vision, mobility, and cognitive disabilities. Sound like something up your dark and dystopian alley? Head over to the Kickstarter page and learn more!


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