Comic Workshop Screenshot Controversy

This past weekend, Comic Workshop appeared in the 3DS eShop. The game gives players (users? artists?) the chance to create and share their comic creations, using the touch screen and 3DS to bring their images to the screen.

At first glance, this looks like a nice little tool-set for gamers with a flair for the visual arts, but a controversy on Miiverse is bringing the wrong kind of attention to the game. Presently, the option to add screenshots from the title to your Miiverse posts is gone—it was removed the day after Comic Workshop was released.

We’re not sure yet whose fault that is, Nintendo or publisher Collavier, but the problem may have sprung from an issue that we’re sure you can guess—possibly sharing inappropriate comics? Or posting inappropriate selfies via the Comic Workshop tool, which is rumored to be possible?

That said, there are many folks on the Miiverse community for this title who are feeling that the removed ability to share has reduced their enjoyment of spending time on this art game.

Why not just leave out the ability to post screenshots in the first place? Certainly someone saw this coming, based on the Swapnote fiasco of the past.

If you’re still set on sharing your work, however, you can save the images to your SD card and then upload them to your computer—or shared via the Nintendo Image Share tool. An English version of the official online Workshop gallery is apparently coming “soon”, so there are still ways to share your work.

Still, it seems like a silly oversight that has only caused negative press on this title—which could have been easily avoided with some common sense.


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