Dan Adelman Has Left Nintendo of America

Yesterday the news emerged that Dan Adelman, Nintendo of America’s Head of Digital Content and Development, had resigned from his position at the company. Although behind-the-scenes as of late (which is another story in itself), Dan’s job was a big one. He was responsible for much of the push at Nintendo to attract independent developers to its platforms—you know, all those indie games in the eShops?

Adelman was interviewed by Kotaku about his decision to part ways with Nintendo, and in the process he revealed that he plans to continue his efforts on download titles by offering up management services to developers. Essentially, Adelman wants to provide his expertise in the business to indie developers who require assistance in this area with their upcoming games and products.

There’s been a press release from Adelman that outlines exactly what this entails and what he plans to offer in his new business venture. Read on:

“During his time at Nintendo, Dan oversaw the launch of hundreds of games and advised indie developers on game design, marketing campaigns, and general business strategy. He is best known for identifying and bringing great indie games like World of Goo, Cave Story and the BIT.TRIP series to major consoles before competing platforms took notice of indie developers.


Many indie teams recognize that the business-side is crucial to success but don’t have the resources to hire a full-time business or marketing expert. In his new endeavor, Adelman will take indie developers to the next level of success by working with them as a virtual team member to help them make informed business decisions and stand out from the rising tide of indies.


Prior to joining Nintendo in 2005, Adelman was a part of the launch team for the original Xbox, handling multi-million dollar third-party publisher business development deals as well as strategy planning for Xbox Live, which included launching XBLA. He graduated with honors from Oberlin College, and has an M.A. from Nagoya University and an MBA from Columbia University.”


From the sounds of things—namely what’s been posted on Adelman’s site and what he’s said on social media thus far—we don’t need to worry about the download scene at Nintendo. He has apparently left it in good hands, which isn’t a surprise, considering his passion in this area.

That said, it remains to be seen what things will be like without Adelman at the helm.


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