Shapes of Gray Keeps It Simple

Who wants another simple, fun title from the Wii U eShop? There seem to be a lot of these well-made indie titles coming up these days, and Shapes of Gray from Secret Tunnel Entertainment seems to fit the bill once again.

The game has already been released for PC, though Trent Steen of Secret Tunnel Entertainment has said this about the aesthetically minimalist game on the Wii U:

“For example, one level might pit your gray blob against two highly-explosive circles and an almighty square, who can only be defeated by slashing the weak point on his back. You could take care the two circles separately and then maneuver around to the square’s backside — but with only a few seconds to clear the level, wouldn’t it be smarter (and faster!) to bat one of the circles into the square to destroy him in the ensuing explosion?”

The Wii U version of the game will provide quite an expansion from the original PC title, adding new modes, levels, and unlockable items. The game will have Miiverse support and off-TV GamePad play, making it even more convenient to enjoy.

The tentative timeframe for Shapes of Gray is early 2015.



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