A Bit Shouty, But the Kids Will Like It…

This past year, Nintendo of America has been trying really hard to create engaging social media content for Nintendo consoles and games. While other regions have also done this, Nintendo of America has really been at the forefront of unique content and trying to market to different age ranges.

If you recall, NoA was responsible for the “real-life” Mario Kart 8 trailers before the game came out, which were both flashy and eye-catching, and also a lot of fun. So, with the kart franchise still being a major part of the Wii U’s push into the holiday season, NoA has created some brand new videos called “From the Pit.”

In this series, host Andrew gives basic tips and tricks for squeezing as much fun out of Mario Kart 8 as possible. There are two episodes so far, and has thus far given viewers some basic details on in-game items, customizations, characters, and how to use Mario Kart TV.

It certainly seems like the episodes are targeted at a younger audience, and perhaps those who are new or inexperienced with Mario Kart games. Yes, they’re loud… flashy… energetic… and perhaps a bit shouty… but it’s not unheard of for Nintendo to take this route when trying to engage kids. Despite the mixed reaction from Nintendo fans, it’s important to keep the primary audience in mind when viewing any kind of marketing or ad message—no matter the form it comes in.

Watch the first two episodes at the links below!


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