Play with Friends This October in Your Fantasy Life

Who wants an adventure RPG on the 3DS with a large world, charming visuals, and mechanics that are just complex enough to keep you engaged but not make you scream? That’s what we’re expecting from Fantasy Life, arriving in North America this October.

Nintendo and Level-5 will be working together to promote this title, emphasizing its online and communication features, how they’ll help to bring gamers together within the game. Link Mode will let players connect while playing the game at the same time, in order to exchange messages, applaud each other’s achievements, and so forth.

Online co-op for the game allows for three players to connect and set off questing together as well as exchange items and chat during the quest. StreetPass capability will have new characters pop into the game to offer items, and you’ll be able to take plenty of pictures with Snapshots.

From the sounds of things, the social aspect of this game will take precedence in marketing, considering the difference it offers from other similar games recently released. If this is your kind of thing, take a look at the trailer below from Nintendo UK!


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