Armillo Update on the Way

Long-time readers of Nintendo Fire will recall that Armillo was one of those Wii U eShop games that took an awful long time making its way to players… but when it finally got to us, it was worth it! However, even developer Fuzzy Wuzzy Games has recognized that they missed a few things by the time launch rolled around, making the game due for a significant update.

An update via Miiverse has confirmed that a v1.1 patch is going through the approval process with Nintendo as the moment, bringing major improvements to a variety of areas within the game:

  • Frame Rate issues (more to do with audio asset loading than framerate)
  • 3-1 missing platformer cube
  • Bonus 2D levels scoring (some levels are impossible to get Gold on at the moment)
  • Progression to 100% completion items 2-3 affect this
  • Some optimizations that should help when running off external USB drives
  • 6-1 missing cube fix

Once these improvements get the green light from Nintendo, this should be an even more solid title that’s worth checking out if you haven’t already.


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