And the “Shocking” Pokémon Announcement Is…

A while ago, there was a teaser announcement going around regarding a “shocking” Pokémon announcement that was coming. Well, Nico NIco has just confirmed that the announcement is in regards to Pokkén Tournament, a fighting game co-developed by Bandai Namco. See where this is going?

Yes, Pokkén Tournament uses the Tekken game engine, and industry veteran fighting game names are on board and heavily involved: Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada and Soul Calibur producer Masaaki Hoshino.

This game was rumored last year, and it was expected that there’d be an update or announcement about it at this year’s E3… but apparently they just needed to wait a little while longer.

Currently, the game is only confirmed as an arcade title coming in 2015, but you never know… Pokémon and Nintendo have a long history, so it’s not out of the question to think it may hit the Wii U in the future.


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