First Impressions—Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call (3DS)

One lonely 3DS… yes, that’s all there was, in the Square Enix booth, with a massive line of hopeful players and other sad-looking individuals who didn’t want to wait 3 hours to play a little demo.

Well, the hardcore fans were up for it, and to be quite honest, none in our party were hardcore fans, so we settled for watching the game from a distance. Sometimes that’s the best way to experience a game like this—namely one that’s in high demand with a huge line, and which we know our own audience just has a few folks who are hoping for some news on this one.

So, this one’s for you.  You’re probably a fan of the original game, and a big fan. Curtain Call adds some new elements to the original, and some new gameplay controls that will likely be very welcome to the returning player.

For example, you’ll now be able to use the 3DS buttons to play, which from what we gathered tends to be a little laggy (oddly enough). That said, it adds variety to the gameplay, and helps to add a challenge to some of the very easy levels.

The tracks in the demo were new additions, which is important for a demo like this—Curtain Call includes all the tracks from the original game, plus more, so it was good for players to get a sense of what they’ll gain by purchasing this game.

The game also includes new airship levels, which is a welcome addition for Final Fantasy fans who seem to have a “thing” for airships (and Square Enix’s attempt at fanservice). As the last entry in the franchise, this is more important than it might seem at first blush—leaving fans feeling happy and fulfilled with a series is a rare thing indeed, and Curtain Call just might do that for you.


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