PAX Prime: First Impressions – Adventures of Pip

Adventures of Pip is a game that caught my eye from across the room. Something about the colorful gameplay drew me from where I was watching another one of our team members play a different game to beeline it to see what this one was all about. Coming to us from Tictic Games, Adventures of Pip is intriguing, colorful, and requires strategic play.

You begin the game as a single pixel character surrounded by 32-bit characters. He’s on a quest to rescue the princess (naturally), and as he starts out he meets a ghost who gives him the power of the Bit Stream. This power allows pip to transform into different things as he quests—by absorbing and using other pixels he collects along the way.

The game is a side-scroller and the appearance will appeal to those who love old-school games. The strategic component also opens up the appeal to an audience outside the pixel-verse. The idea here is that the game isn’t supposed to be a retro game, despite its appearance, but to showcase how pixels tie into the game’s story and evolve as the player progresses.

The Kickstarter for the game, at the time of writing, earned 50% of the funding—and it’s possible that seeing it at PAX will increase support.

The plans are to make it available on the Wii U (as the only console), and also PC/Mac. We’re certainly excited about that, as the team made use of the Unity engine and was excited about Nintendo’s potential support for the game and indie games in general.

Keep an eye out for this one!


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