PAX Prime: First Impressions—Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (Wii U)

There’s no question that SEGA hopes to take the world by storm once again with its upcoming Sonic lineup. With two Sonic games heading our way, plus a TV cartoon show, plus a line of toys, SEGA seems all set to try and revive the popularity of the blue hedgehog in the coming holiday season.

Nintendo brought a demo station for Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric to PAX Prime this year, and we got on the floor to check it out.

We were able to choose between several levels, and while we wanted to play something with a little more traditional Sonic experience, we ended up in an adventure-style level full of baddies to battle and a final boss that was nothing short of, uh, agonizingly frustrating. And not in an “oh, this is a fun challenge!” kind of way.

Unfortunately, that actually seemed to be our experience for most of the demo. It wasn’t engaging, it felt very formulaic and obviously linear, and not intuitive the way you’d expect a Sonic game to be. In fact, at the end of it, we agreed that it was just plain boring. Not interesting, or different, or even fun. We didn’t bother finishing the demo levels, because it became that dull and there were many other Nintendo games we were excited to get our hands on.

It’s sad to say it—nobody wants a beloved franchise to put out a stinker—and we’re hopeful that all the annoying bits with movement and fighting (and the camera angles) get sorted out before the game actually hits store shelves. However, you can’t fix boring with a couple of tweaks to the code and mechanics, and that’s the most disappointing thing of all.


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