PAX Prime: First Impressions—Pokemon Art Academy (3DS)

Although it came out in Europe this summer, it won’t be released in North America until later this fall… but the massive Pokemon booth in the Expo hall had plenty of demo stations for this drawing game, for those who feel they need a dedicated art game just to draw Pokemon.

It may sound a little heavy-handed for those who aren’t fans of the Pokemon series, but doubtless those fans who are art-inclined or wish they were art-inclined will find this a fun, soothing, and welcome addition to their fandom.

Pokemon Art Academy has a thin story that places you into, uh, an art academy, where you’re a student learning to draw. Oookay, no surprises there. You also have an arch-rival in the academy, whose drawings are—quite frankly—terrible abominations. But that’s part of the fun, because I definitely had a laugh when her drawing popped up on the screen.

The demo for Prime is basically a Pikachu drawing tutorial that uses excessive hand-holding to teach you the controls. They’re extremely straightforward, and the booth attendant mentioned that it gets more difficult (and more hands-off) as you progress through the game.

There are no real surprises here, from what I could tell, but certainly artists will have fun drawing and sharing images of their Pokemon with others.


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