Colorful Packaging for Japanese New 3DS

Just shy of a week following the latest Nintendo announcement—there’s a New 3Ds coming to Japan!—Nintendo revealed the packaging for the upcoming console, and it’s a lot of fun. The console will come in a colorful, contemporary style box, which is rather different from any of the 3DS packaging we’ve seen thus far.

The box evokes thoughts of the eye-catching cover plates that have been announced for the New 3DS, which are releasing at the same time and taking all of the money from your wallet. However, we have our doubts about this packaging style being used for the New 3DS XL, since the larger version of the New console won’t fit the plates.

The New 3DS and New 3DS XL launch in Japan on October 11th, and while there’s no real info on a Western release just yet, suspicions are some time in 2015.

This updated version of the handheld console has a second analogue stick, more shoulder buttons and NFC tech, a more powerful processor and higher quality screen (to fix some of that 3D mucking about), and MicroSD cards for storage.

Are you waiting for this to come to North America, or are you an eager importer? Get ready for this one, it should be interesting to see how the updated version fares as compared to the “updated” version of its home console counterpart (ie. Wii < Wii U)!


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