Sherlock and Watson Revealed in The Great Ace Attorney

A few days ago, we mentioned that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous detective would be making an appearance in the upcoming The Great Ace Attorney from Capcom, and that they’d teased it with a shadowy image of both Sherlock Holmes and the new version of Watson.

Famitsu has released a “dossier” of information on the detective and his sidekick, translated by Kotaku, and here are the few things we know thus far:

– Holmes is still from London, so how he gets to Japan for a visit… or whether Phoenix Wright’s ancestor heads to Baker Street… is the next question.

– 8-year-old sidekick Iris Watson has a Ph.D. in medicine, lives with Holmes, and writes about his cases (as in the original stories)


It’s a blend of old and new concepts, and at this point no one is quite sure just how much of a role these two will play in the game (or if releasing all this info is just a fantastic promotional stunt). According to Famitsu, these two character will be part of a new “collaborative deduction system” in the game, which releases in Japan in Spring 2015.

While there’s still no word on it coming across to North American shores, we’ll keep you posted on any updates.



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