Super Smash Club Announced for Canada

Nintendo of America has made an important announcement for Nintendo fans living in the Northern Hemisphere of this fine continent—Canada will get its very own Super Smash Club, which will consist of an online hub and an events series to bring together fans of Super Smash Bros. The main point for meeting with other club members will be at

For the first week of Super Smash Club, Nintendo wants participants to help define the “rules” of Super Smash Club (yes, the “don’t talk about Super Smash Club” joke has been done, move on), and then after October 1st, participants will have opportunities to submit their own examples of what “fandom” is—from cosplay to artwork and more!

Between October 18th and November 8th, there will be eight main events held across Canada where Super Smash Bros. fans and club members can get together to play some good ol’ fashioned rounds of Smash Bros. in the spirit of fun.

Take a look at the site linked above, and go ahead and join in if you’re a Canadian Smash Bros. fan!


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