Hyrule Warriors DLC on the Way

Love it or hate it, DLC for the latest Wii U game Hyrule Warriors is on its way to your eShop soon! And really, you expected it if you’re at all familiar with Koei Tecmo. A live stream at the Tokyo Game Show this year revealed that a new lineup of playable characters are heading to the game, as well as new content in the form of modes, maps, costumes, weapons, and so forth.

There will be a Hyrule Warriors Pack, Twilight Princess Pack, Majora’s Mask Pack, and the Ganon Pack, and they’ll start popping up for purchase this month (September 30th) and be released in sequence until next February.

The September DLC will feature three playable villains—Cia, Volga, Wizzro—followed by the release of the Hyrule Warriors Master Quest on October 16th. At the time of writing, we know this will cost 1200¥, with the Majora’s Mask Pack and Twilight Princess Pack costing the same in their subsequent monthly releases. The Ganon Pack in February will cost the least, for 500¥ as it only features two new game modes.

The DLC can be pre-ordered at a total of 3000¥, and if you’re on the ball to do this, you’ll receive a bonus Dark Link costume.

Whether you plan to invest in DLC for the game or not (and we don’t have release dates or prices for North America yet), it certainly opens the door for dialogue on DLC for Nintendo titles moving forward.


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