First Hyrule Warriors DLC in New Trailer

The first set of Hyrule Warriors DLC arrives today, which many readers have been waiting for (yeah, we’re talking about you! We see you out there!). The “Master Quest Pack” is the first of four DLC packages arriving for the game over the next little while, and it contains this lovely set of virtual goodness:

  • 3 new playable characters (Volga, Wizzro and Cia)
  • 5 new Legend Mode scenarios, a prequel to the main events and heavily featuring Cia
  • New Adventure Mode map (Master Quest) with seven new 8-bit weapons & sixteen new alternatively-coloured costumes as rewards
  • New equestrian weapon for Link (Epona)
  • Cotton-Candy coloured “Guardian of Time” costumes (Lana and Cia)

If you haven’t purchased the package set already, you can still get it for $7.99 from the Wii U eShop. Or, you still have a chance for the “Season Pass” of all four DLC packs for the reduced price of $19.99. You’ll also get to play with the Dark Link skin if you go with the Season Pass option.

Watch the trailer below, and enjoy your new DLC if you’ve opted for it!


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