Unconfirmed: SSB 3DS Data hints at DLC

The new SSB game for the 3DS is certainly not lacking for content, and the upcoming Nintendo Direct has promised “50 new things” for the Wii U version.

Game fans are notorious for being an inquisitive lot, digging under the hood of their favourite games in hopes of finding unreleased information.

One particularly inquisitive fan of SSB, PushDustin, has found some code that suposedly proves the ability to load DLC characters and stages, and in-game shop and also support for 8 player fights.

Here is a summary from NeoGaf

“The game uses pictures (EFF and BCO for Japanese and English) to animate “A Challenger Appears” on the top screen, so since there is a text version in the dump, either characters are unlocked through connecting to the Wii U, or it will display the text when a character is purchased through the store. Even though I hate to admit it, it’s most likely connected to the Wii U menu as there is no other text for the store (it’ll probably connect to the E-Shop, or download the page from the Internet). However, there are no additional characters files in the game which severely hurts the chances of this being the case (as the 3DS would have to download quite a bit of data from the Wii U in order to utilize the character).

The 3DS can be used as a controller in 8 player Smash for the Wii U, based on the pictures with the file names: 29CE and 279A (Essentially: the 1-8 Player Icons, and numbers with pictures of 8 fighters). Files with CFC13 are the menu pictures.”

All we can say, is we hope this rumour is true!


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