Wii U SimCity Cancelled By EA Before Laying the First Cornerstone

It was only last year that EA released SimCity on the PC, an updated version of the 1989 genre-defining original from Will Wright. Though it was a decent game, according to reviews, there were issues with its online component (ie. it needed to have an “always on” connection, which people were not happy with) and it fell apart in more ways than one.

Evidently, we’ve since learned that EA had been working on a console version at the same time, which was supposed to be released in conjunction with the PC version. It was, however, cancelled in 2011. If you’re familiar with Unseen64 (www.unseen64.net) , a site that uncovers stories of unreleased games, you’ll recognize this news as coming from Liam Robertson. Robertson discovered that the game was not only intended for the Wii U, but also the Xbox 360 and PS3, but didn’t move past the prototype stage of development.

Would the game have been successful on a console? That remains to be seen… and now we’ll never know.


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