Frenchy Bird Coming from Flappy Bird Creator Studio

Remember Flappy Bird? Yes, that was this year. It was the bizarre, viral game that infuriated those who attempted to play it, despite only needing to tap one thing to flap. It spawned plenty of clones, was downloaded millions of times, and eventually disappeared. The game even had a Wii U clone—a satire version (but, uh, not free) called Spikey Walls.

And yet, despite the game’s fad diminishing and having nearly disappeared from memory, developer Carbon Fire Studio has a trailer ready for its new title Frenchy Bird. The game uses the same mechanics as we’re familiar with—flapping around and through obstacles—but you’re a pigeon and the camera angle is different.

And there will be leaderboards! Miiverse stamps! Yes, this is a real thing. You’ll be able to flap that French Bird through the streets of Paris on your Wii U sometime in early 2015. C’est bon!


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