Teaser Trailer and Box Art for Etrian Mystery Dungeon

Oh, Atlus. Do you ever sleep? Doesn’t seem that way, as the company has been releasing numerous high quality and well received titles for the 3DS, with even more on the horizon for 2015. One of the upcoming games is Etrian Mystery Dungeon, a crossover title of Etrian Odyssey’s RPG party features and the randomly generated areas of Mystery Dungeon (though you probably could have figured that out yourself…).

New details have come down the line from the developer about the Spring release, including box art (which you can see above) and a teaser trailer (which you can see below). Pre-orders have been confirmed to come with a soundtrack album, though the exact details about that album haven’t yet been released.

Enjoy the trailer, add it to your Atlus release schedule if you’re so inclined:


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