Toys R Us Lucario Pre-Orders Cancelled… Again

Last month we reported on the debacle that ensued when Toys R Us started cancelling amiibo pre-orders without warning, causing customers to become understandably perturbed and downright angry. At the time, the company promised to look into it and report back, and they then issued coupons to the affected customers so they could re-order their amiibo figures—in particular, the Toys R Us exclusive, Lucario.

And despite reporting that it was a “technical issue” and claiming to fix the problem (and allowing customers to re-place their orders), we’re hearing that orders are being cancelled again. Yes, again. It’s happening for a range of figures, and there are photos being circulated online—screenshots of various orders that have been cancelled.

To say it’s a mess for Toys R Us would be an understatement. It’s also not looking great for Nintendo of America, since they’re the ones who set Lucario as the exclusive for the amiibo figure in the region. They definitely need to resolve this promptly, because they’ve already lost plenty of trust and good faith among Nintendo fans thus far.


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