Two Tetris Games Disappear from 3DS eShop

It happened in Europe last year, but it’s happened now in North America without any warning or explanation. The Game Boy Virtual Console edition of Tetris and retail edition of Tetris Axis were pulled from the eShop at the end of 2014, without the one month warning given to consumers that was received in Europe.

If you already own the games, you’ll be able to re-download them as normal in the future (if you need to for some reason), but you won’t be able to purchase the games anymore.

It’s really too bad that these games have disappeared, especially without the warning that they received in Europe. We do suspect that the pull had something to do with licensing rights, mainly due to it happening just after Tetris Ultimate appeared on the 3DS.

Who published that title? Ubisoft. Hence, who can we blame for these global best-selling games disappearing from the eShop? *cough* …I’m not sayin’, but I’m just sayin’.


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