Etrian Mystery Dungeon Coming In April

In the Nintendo Direct today, it was confirmed that the upcoming RPG dungeon-crawler mash-up from Atlus and Spike Chunsoft, Etrian Mystery Dungeon, will be heading to the 3DS on April 7th. It’ll be available for purchase on store shelves or as an eShop download, and the pre-orders and first-run copies will actually come with a bonus soundtrack CD!

A new trailer for the game was released as well. Check it out and remember that this title is a crossover game that blends two different games: the Etrian Odyssey series and its well known class/party system, and Mystery Dungeon’s famed randomly generated dungeons.

According to Atlus, there’s a “metric buttload of exploration” and, quote, a “metric buttload of customization.” If you’re a fan of buttloads (er… wait…), this may be the buttload of fun and adventure for you.

Uh… scratch that (wait, no, not your butt!) and just watch the trailer below:


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