PAX South: Cave Story 2 Teased?!

You may have heard this tale: One man, laboring away for five years, creating a game for the PC that would one day be ported here, there, and everywhere… would receive critical acclaim… and still be appreciated and played by fans to this day.

That game, Cave Story, was released over ten years ago. Creator Daisuke Amaya took inspiration from retro action/exploration games like Castlevania and Metroid, developing something that had balanced gameplay and a story that kept players returning over and over.

A decade later, it’s still a one-off game. But… is it?

Today at PAX South, Nicalis (who ported and published the game for consoles) had a panel, and they may have accidentally revealed something to the crowd. After the panel, headed up by NIcalis founder Tyrone Rodriguez, one visually acute fan noticed an icon on the desktop of the Macbook being used to present the panel. The icon was titled “Cave Story 2.”

Naturally, this sparked an immediate reaction, and when asked about it, Rodriguez said he “hadn’t noticed that shortcut icon” and that they are “maybe, maybe not” working on a sequel when an attendee asked him about it directly.

Does this mean that Nicalis is actually working on a sequel? Who knows! While Cave Story wasn’t Nicalis’ game in the first place—they just published & ported it—it’s certainly possible that a sequel from Amaya would come out of a partnership with Nicalis.

Stay tuned, if we hear more from the company, we’ll let you know! If you were at the panel at the Falcon Theatre, share your thoughts on Rodriguez’s reaction!


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