Ubisoft’s Unreleased & Finished Wii U Game Is Revealed

Blah, blah, blah, Ubisoft, blah, blah no support for Nintendo, blah, blah.

If you still care, we do actually have some legitimate news to share about Ubisoft and the Wii U, but it’s not as if it’ll have any real impact on your life, because you’re likely never going to be able to play this game anyway.

Still. We report Nintendo news, and that’s what we’ll continue to do here. In this specific article. Whether we want to or not.

So, Ubisoft’s last release on the Wii U was a ridiculously late, doomed-to-failure port of Watch_Dogs, and there have been no other planned releases for the system from the company for anytime in the future. Now, you may be able to think back to last year’s E3, where the CEO of Ubisoft, Yves Gullemot, mentioned that his company is sitting on a game that is literally finished for the Wii U. And that they’re not planning on launching anytime soon. Here’s what he said, to remind you:

“Specifically, we have one game that we are waiting until the Wii U has a certain market size before we launch.”

Now, according to Unseen 64 , we now know what that game is: Know Your Friends. And we know this because it received an ESRB rating back in 2013.

Yes, that was as anticlimactic as it seemed. The game is apparently a multiplayer quiz game that makes use of the GamePad, and is done a paper-art style that allows players to use the GamePad camera to photograph their face and insert it into the in-game characters.

The game has both local multiplayer and online play, and bears a strong similarity to a minigame from Wii Party U.

Ubisoft, surprise, has no comment on this assertion from Unseen 64, nor anything to say about release. Or the game itself. Or anything to do with anything Wii U.

As we said before, there’s nothing to see here. Move along.



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