Etrian Mystery Dungeon: Wanderer Class Plus Free Month of DLC

Yes indeed, it’s that time again—when we present you with the latest update on Etrian Mystery Dungeon and entice you to save your coins for the upcoming release next month. However, Atlus doesn’t seem to think it’s been doing enough to get you to pay attention and is ready to reel you in for the final sale… because until May 5th, all of the game’s DLC will be available for free download.

Yes, that’s correct. If you pick up the game in the first month of release, you’ll get all the available DLC for absolutely free! There will be five downloadable quests, which equals about $8.50 in value. That’s a pretty good bonus when  you consider the prices of full retail games these days!

Three of the DLC quests will present players with the task of entering a dungeon to find a lost team member in exchange for additional recipes to use at the Amber Restaurant. The other two will send you out hunting for a monster in exchange for gold or experience.

As for this week’s class reveal, the Wanderer is the showcase this time around. It’s a survival-centred class that can use woodland magic in combat, and which has a unique pathfinding ability to lead your team to secret rooms or find shortcuts.

Take a look at the footage below for a sneak peek at the Wanderer class!


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